Michael Anthony Gonzales is one of the founders of Tropa Entertainment also a
digital artist/game developer/freelance artist residing in Manila, Philippines.
Graduated from UST Fine Arts major in Advertising with Cum Laude honors.

Started digital painting back from the year 2006 and worked as a lead artist for
an international game development company Boomzap Entertainment,
producing hits like the Big Fish Game’s “Awakening” franchise even “A Dana
Knightstone Novel”. Overseeing art decisions, developing pipelines and defining
the overall style for the game. Also in charge of hiring and training of artists.

Michael’s works has not only been published in games but also books like,
Ballistic’s Expose 9, Expose 10, D'artiste and Exotique 7.
Some features in magazines as well, and internet interviews.
He even have designs for t-shirts out in the market.

Aside from art, his other hobbies include playing the guitar, drums, singing,
watching series/films and playing games. Can also play the violin, recorder
and piano. Can also speak English, Filipino and basic Japanese.
Took culinary arts as well.
For art-related opportunities/
commissions or feedbacks.
Send me an email at:

For game development
related opportunities/
Send me an email at: